Kolby Cooper

Only three years out of high school, still living in his small hometown of Bradford, Texas, Kolby Cooper started selling out shows and clocking millions of streams using only his songs as muscle, earning streaming numbers competitive with household names. Now, at only 24 years old, having amassed over 330 million on-demand streams, Cooper’s label debut album Boy From Anderson County To The Moon is out now via BBR Music Group / Wheelhouse Records in partnership with Combustion Music. A prolific songwriter known for his cut-throat, highly relatable break-up anthems and uncensored lyrics, “Cooper has already made quite the name for himself” (American Songwriter), writing songs that fans sing back to him from the very first note, including just-released tracks. “Blazing a trail to stardom” (People), “there’s one thing for certain about Cooper…the man is versatile as all hell. He can have you hyped up through the roof or have you crying in your beer at the corner of a bar on a Friday night” (Whiskey Riff). Now, “Country Music’s Newest Badass” (People) is giving his rabid fanbase exactly what they demanded with his latest “Hello From The Road” and the fiery anthem “Kill Me,” introducing a fresh, pumped-up new sound that’s been commanding his electric live shows. Continuing his strenuous tour schedule throughout 2023, catch Cooper headlining sold-out shows all over the country, bringing with him his signature blend of wailing electric guitar and stadium-level anthems.