The Wolfe Brothers

The revered Country duo hailing from Tasmania, comprised of brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe, have become renowned in Australia over the past few years for their jaw-dropping live shows, their steady ascent to Australia’s Country music’s upper echelon and for producing a unique yet embracingly familiar sound embedded in nostalgia that is curious and innovative. If their first three albums were steps towards the rarefied space The Wolfe Brothers occupy now, it was their 2018 triumph, Country Heart that gave them the final push— musically and emotionally. Their fifth studio album, Kids on Cassette, due out July 30, is the most conceptually and musically bold record The Wolfe Brothers have ever put to tape. Already having shared three songs from the record, to much success, and signing with BBR Music Group/BMG, it’s clear that they are moving full speed ahead, pushing forward with no cares in the world.