“My Boy” Singer to Celebrate Release of First Project On Iconic Opry Stage

BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records artist, Elvie Shane today announces his plans to celebrate the release of his debut EP, County Roads on April 23 in a monumental way by also making his Grand Ole Opry debut. A day full of milestones, Elvie will step into Country music’s hallowed circle to deliver a solo performance of his Top 30 debut single “My Boy,” before the legendary Opry band joins him for the first live performance of “Keep On Strummin’” since its release.

County Roads will be fans first peak into the multi-faceted singer songwriter, who until recently had only released the tender ballad, written for his stepson. Across the six-song EP, Elvie will share his high-energy, larger-than-life personality and properly introduce himself to the world. With each song written, the truck driver’s son draws upon his blue-collar existence blending picture-based lyrics, grit, nostalgia, classic rock electric guitar, soulful vocals to make for an honest portrait of life in small town America.

“Some of my earliest memories of music were singing hymns in church with my Mamma  and watching the greats on the Grand Ole Opry with my Pops so it’s a really special moment for me to share the release of my first project where it kind of all began,” said Elvie Shane. “I’ve heard playing the Opry is like a religious experience so I’m a little nervous but have always felt some sort of kinship with the Opry because I’ve always had an intangible kind of relationship between rock n’ roll and Jesus—who better to understand that than the Opry!?”

Following his appearance on the iconic stage, Elvie will join WSM Radio’s CoffeeCountry & Cody, on Tuesday, April 27th to chat about County Roads and his experience on the iconic stage.

Track Listing:

  1. “County Roads” – (Dan Couch, Oscar Charles, Elvie Shane)
  2. “Keep On Strummin’” – (Dan Couch, Oscar Charles, Elvie Shane, Clinton Payton)
  3. Sundays In The South” – (Derrick Southerland, Elvie Shane, Albert E. Brumley)
  4. “My Boy” – (Elvie Shane, Russell Sutton, Nick Columbia, Lee Starr)
  5. “Sundress” – (Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)
  6. “My Mississippi” – (Elvie Shane, Jakob Miller)

Producer: Oscar Charles