BBRMG Expresses Sadness at Las Vegas Shooting

The shooting occurred during a set by Jason Aldean signed to Broken Bow Records (BBR) at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas last night (Sunday, October 1) in which at least 50 are reported dead and 400 injured. Aldean, his band and crew and two BMG staff members who were attending the festival were all uninjured. Walker McGuire and Adam Craig who also performed at the festival and are safe along with their bands and crews.

Jon Loba, EVP BBR Music Group, said “We are horrified by the events in Las Vegas overnight and relieved to report that all of our artists, their teams, and our staff are safe and uninjured.  The Country Music community is a FAMILY and our listeners are a part of that family.  They put food on our tables and allow our artists and staff to live our dreams by going to events like last night.  While our artists and staff are safe, our hearts are broken for those listeners in our extended family who just wanted to share a night of great music and the camaraderie that is the hallmark of Country Music.”